I9Option. cares about your data and its privacy. We keep your personal data safe and discrete. In this privacy policy, we give you detailed information that how we use your personal data. By agreeing to the terms or privacy policy clients consent us to collect and process his/her personal data in favor of our trading website. Your data help us to provide you the better service(s).

We assure our clients about having an edge over our competitors in terms of protection of the client’s private data or information.

For gaining complete information on how our company works on your data we encourage you to read this entire privacy policy. So that you can come on strong decisions of using our platform.

We gather the following client’s information when they register with us.

  Name of the subject

  Phone Number of the subject

  E-mail Address of the subject

  Full Address of the subject


  Currency related information

  Date of Birth of the subject

  Sex of the subject

  Transaction Details of the subject

  Registration Date

  IP Address of the subject’s device

  Location of the subject’s device

  Browser used by the subject

  MAC Address and UUID

  Operating System of the subject’s device

  Preferred Language

  Access Time

  Details of suffering on our site

As per your consent and agreement with us, we may disclose your information or data to anybody for any purpose of use.

Ways or Medium of collection of your Data:

  At the time of Registration in Trading or Demo Account.

  At the time when you subscribe to our newsletters for updates.

  At the time of promotion or survey.

  At the time you contact us or

  At the time you give us feedback

Intention for collection of your Data:

  For registering your data as a client

  For notifying you about the changes in terms, privacy policy, or giving any update.

  For confirmation of your age to use our service.

  For making the risk scale of each client.

  For preventing money laundering and terrorism financing.

  For checking the legal obligations.

  For processing transactions and managing fees, deposits and payouts.

  For the protection of your platform.

  For monitoring you and your behavior in order to increase the usability of our platform.

  For making the marketing strategies.

  For communication you for the purpose of advertising any third party material.

  For improving the efficiency and performance of our website.

  For safeguarding us and our clients in case of any dispute.

  For confirming that you have no criminal records or for the purpose of income tax evaluation.

  For maintaining the back-ups of or databases.

About I9Option Cookies and its Policies:

Cookies are basically the small set of data or information that is sent to the user’s device every time when he/she uses the website in order to gather the unique information about the client. Your browser also sending some sort of information to the website. So also a pop-up message appears when you enter the site by the browser in order to ask for permission. Allowing them enables the website to collect the information directly from the user whatever they want. Denying them hinders them from doing that.

The storage of the cookies in users devices and hard drive and also in the company’s storage doesn’t anyway lead any threat to the client on the basis of their privacy or data security. For the assurance of the clients, we are do not store their name. This is only for the purpose of monitoring the client’s interest, page views, revisiting which helps us in improving our efficiency. So that we can better serve our clients.

Retainment of the Collected Information

As we said earlier, we care about your personal data or information and its privacy. So we are facilitating you with the favor to email us asking for the erase of your not required personal data. You can mail us whenever you want this process to be done. After some working hours or days, we reply back you with a confirmation message.

We will retain your information as long it is required to provide you the service, legal obligations, and helpful in resolving disputes or enforcing laws.

We will delete according to our will and requirement. You can’t anyway force the company to do so.

Updates to the terms or Privacy Policy

We may revise the terms of use of our company and privacy policy anytime according to our requirements. This is only yours sole responsibility to visit this page and check the updates regularly. We will try to inform you the through the contact sources are provided but only you are liable for reading and accepting it. No resistance from your side on the updated policies will show your consent on them. So if you have any disagreement on the new policies let us know as soon as possible or cancel your registration with us.


You also have to go through with the terms of use of our platform with the privacy policy. Your agreement to the privacy policy will be assumed to the terms of use too.

You will be giving your consent hereby acknowledging and agreeing that by downloading, installing, or accessing our Services, we may share your Personal Information with our trusted partners and Marketing Affiliates for the purpose of direct marketing. You are also complying that you read the whole agreement in the privacy policy or terms of use and you are also having consent to all the points, laws, and activities mentioned there.

Contact Information

You are free to contact our customer executives anytime if you have any query or doubt related to our services, privacy policies, terms of use, or any other thing.

You can conversate to us through our official contact handle: [email protected]