All the desirous traders and clients should have to read this risk disclosure statement before agreeing to the terms, policies, or doing registration in our platform. It is humbly advised that they should have to go through this entire statement before starting any trade or making any transaction in our platform. The only intention of this risk disclosure statement is to aware of our traders with the fluctuation of trading that may sometime lead to a financial loss. Our respected traders should have to be financially and mentally prepared for that sort of condition. They are only going to liable for that kind of condition of risk. The financial instruments used in this engine are subject to market risks and fluctuation. By agreeing to terms client also confirm their consent with this statement in every manner. They agree that they read, understood, and ready to take our brokerage service by knowing all the risk factors involved in this.

The client should sanction that they have proper knowledge of the field and data analytics and also doesn’t face any kind of mental or financial trauma if they lose money they invested in binary trading. I9Option Limited doesn’t provide any kind of guidance, lessons, or training to their clients and also not in any way responsible for the loss they face due to lack of knowledge, experience, or market trends. The various financial instruments available on the platform depend on their real statistics. If clients have to face failure in trading due to the interruptions or disconnections of the internet, any cyberattack by the third person, or hack of account then the company would not responsible for any kind of compensation to the traders. The client acknowledges that in abnormal market conditions there should be a delay in the marketing processing. The company does not guarantee that transactions received by the platform should not be eligible for the taxes in the future.

So this is the complete package of the risk disclosure statement. We are assuming at the end of this statement that the clients are now completely aware of all kinds of risks and losses they may get while trading. We are also requesting our clients to go through the terms of use and privacy policy (if they did not read them yet). There you will get to know all the payment and transaction policies we follow. At last, we want to inform you that we will not anyway prohibit to the authority of the region where the trader lies by sharing his/her personal transaction details in case of serious situation or demand by the government. So we request our clients to be kindly fair in terms of the transaction details and tax matter with the government of the region. We can’t abide by their instructions for deleting your account with us or giving any kind of real statement from our side in the courts in case of any dispute.

This is all about the risk disclosure statement. Kind visit regularly for checking the updates.